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Pricing and Promotions

  Our current new client promotion: Book any color cut and style and recieve$30.00 off, or 20% off any hair service!

                              ~Hair Design~

Woman’s cut and style:

Stylist.................................... Designer .............................................Master  
  $45...........................................  $47................................................ $50 & up

  • Men’s Haircut -- $27-$30--
  • Girl’s cut & style (12 & under)
    • $35 & up (depending on length and thickness)
  • Boy’s cut & style --- $15-$20---
  • Shampoo & style ---$30 & up --- (depending on time, length, & thickness)
    Formal styling -----$65 & up-----



  • Single process ---$45 & up---
  • Partial foil highlight -----$80 & up----
  • Full foil highlight -----$100 & up-----
  • Specialty foil high and lowlight ---$6 per foil---
  • Color only -----$55-----
  • Double process -----$80 and up-----
  • INOA premium color ---add $15---


  • Permanent wave -----$75 & up-----
  • Coppola Keratin Express Blow out --$110 one hour treatment lasts adv 6-8 wks
  • Keratin smoothing treatment --$200 & up

**Please be advised that pricing may vary depending on stylist, lengh, product , and time necessary to professionally complete your service. Our stylists are ranked by experience and education in determining their level of pricing.**

Nail Department~

  • Manicure ----$20 & &25---(French)
  • Shellac---$35 & $40---
  • Pink or Pink & white fill--$35 & $50—
  • Full set gel ---$80& up**---
  • Pedicure ---$40---
  • Express pedicure ---$28--- 
  • Shellac pedicure add $15 
~Spa Services~

Signature Facial - $95.00 for 50 min.

This facial is designed for your individual skin

Type. You will receive a cleansing and toning application followed by

a gentle exfoliating scrub and a manual facial massage.

Removal of impurities followed by a luxurious mask to compliment your skin.

Vitamin Infusion Facial - $120.00 for 50 min.

The Vitamin Infusion Facial is a nourishing, result –oriented treatment

that uses a patented formula of vitamins with polypeptides to help treat sun

damaged skin, acne, redness, and the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles. The treatment includes a glycolic peel, facial massage

with products that work naturally to deliver deep into the skin. Leaving your

 skin hydrated and glowing. While indulging in a collagen masks a hand

 massage will compliment your treatment. . Recommended once a month. 20% off

when booked in advance

for a series of 6. 10% off when booked in advance for a series of 4.

Microdermabrasion Treatment - $125 for 50 min. /160 for 80 min.

This facial is a gentle, yet effective mechanical

Exfoliation of the skin. It promotes the general health of the

skin by removing impurities, promoting circulation and

building collagen and elastin. Microdermabrasion minimizes

fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation,

enlarged pores, uneven granular skin. The appropriate mask will be applied

to enhance your treatment leaving your skin radiant and glowing, while you

enjoy a foot or hand massage. Recommended once a month. 20% off when booked

 in advancefor a series of 6. 10% off when booked in advance for a series of 4.

This price includes a facial

Lunch Time Peel $70.00 for 30min.

You will receive a cleansing, toning, following by a microdremabrasion, exfoliation of the skin and a cooling mask to complete your treatment.

Ultrasonic Exfoliation or Crystal –Free Microdermabrasion-$125.00 for 50 min. /160 for 80 min.

This facial achieves a non-abrasive, rapid exfoliation.  Is used to treat hyper-pigmentationwhile addressing sunspots and miasma.  May be used to treat acne and active acne, as well. 

Deeply penetrate products into all four layers of the skin. This s facial products far more effectively than manual application. Leaving your skin radiant and glowing.  You will be indulged with the appropriate mask for your skin type, while enjoying a hand or foot massage.

 Recommended once a month. 20% off when booked in advance for a series of 6. 10% off when booked in advance for a series of 4.

This price includes a full facial

Mini Ultrasonic peel $70.00 for 30 min.

You will enjoy a cleansing and toning of your skin and receive a non –abrasive, rapid exfoliation. Followed by a mask to complete your treatment

Four Layer Facelift $160. for 80 min.

This revolutionary treatment performed in four layers will change the image
of your skin in just one application.  Quench your skin with high doses of
the most sophisticated forms of Vitamin C for extreme rejuvenation.
Glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes to speed up cellular
turnover to brighten, tighten and lighten your skin in just one treatment .Complimented by a hand massage.

Microcurrent Facial $145.00 for 50 min.

This facial is designed to perform a non- surgical facelift by re-educating your facial muscles.

 It softens deep lines while erasing fine lines and wrinkles, through increased collagen and

elastin production. You will also receive the benefits of cell permeability, metabolism and

 lymphatic drainage. While relaxing with a collagen mask, you will be pampered with a hand complete your treatment recommended once a week for a month. 20% off when booked in advance for a series of 6. 10% off when booked in advance for a series of 4

This price includes a facial

For best long lasting results schedule for 2 times a week or one time a month for three months.

This procedure may be combined  with an Ultrasonic Exfoliation or Microdermabrasion for a perfect compliment treatment for an additional $70.00


 Back Facial Treatment - $130 for 60 min.

This relaxing massage, deep-cleansing treatment, customized

Mask will exfoliate dead skin cells and remove impurities

from the back to retexturize and smooth dry and affected skin. A perfect mask will be applied

for your skin type while you are being pampered with a relaxing hand massage.

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